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Golfpark Klopeinersee Südkärnten

September 13th – 16th, 2018

Tournament Information


1. Schedule and format:

a) The event takes place at GOLFPARK KLOPEINERSEE SÜDKÄRNTEN. For course information visit http://www.golfklopein.at

b) Individual stroke Played over 54 holes, 18 holes per day. Starting September  14th, 2018.

c) Official practice round, Thursday, 13th of September 2018

2. Conditions of Competition:

The tournament will be held in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A Rules Limited, the actual rules of the Austrian golf union and the local rules approved by the tournament committee.

The local rules will be published and posted on the tournament notice board at the venue.

The competition is deemed to be closed when the trophy has bee presented. Play will not be extended beyond Sunday the 16th of September.

All players accept that photos made during the tournament will be published.

Free practice round can be played on Thursday, 13th of September.

Additional starting times can be booked at the Pro-office in the clubhouse.

Boys will play from the yellow tees (back tees) and girls will play from the red tees (back tees).

3. The competition is a handicap qualifying event and according to the GJG eligibilities.

4. Eligibility to play:

This event is cosanctioned between the GJG Tour and 21golfleague and is open to amateur golfers, both boys and girls:

a) In the age classes

b) All players must be members of a registered golf club

c) Handicap limit

5. Number of entries:  

Max  140  participants.

            The tournament committee reserves the right to change/limit the size of the field. One third of the field will be designated for girls. If the field is limited, the tournament committee shall apply the following guidelines in determing which entries shall be accepted:

a) Handicap
b) National event finishes
c) International and National ranking systems
d) Tournament committee invitations
e) GJG players eligibility

6. Prizes:

                        1 – 3 gross for both boys and girls in GJG tour

                        1 – 3 gross for both boys and girls in 21 Golf League

In the event of af tie in each of these groups, the winner will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff immediately following the conclusion of play.  In the event of places 2 and 3 will be even, that will be decided as a scorecard tiebraker.

Taken into account until a difference in the number of strokes happens are:

a) The last round total
b) The last 9 holes
c) The last 3 holes
d) The last hole
e) 2nd round total
f) The last 9 holes of the 2nd round etc

Award-Cermony will take place at the GOLFPARK KLOPEIN - CLUBHOUSE on Sunday 16th of September after finishing play.

PLAYERS AND SPONSOR NIGHT will be on 14th of September after the 1st Tournament-Round.
More Information at registration

7. Entries

Application for participation is only possible for members of the Global  Junior Tour and 21 golfleague.

8. Closing date of entries:

August 13th 2018

Cancellations made after the closing date, the full Entry Fee will be charged

Entryfee: 150,-- Euro (mandatory), payment has to be completed after confirmation of participation with creditcard or money transfer

Entryfee includes:

Official practice round onThursday 13th of September

3 Tournament rounds.

Water and Fruits on the golf courseduring all 4 days

Free Range balls and use of the driving range on practice round and tournament days

Lunch during all 3tournament days and official practice round.

Award Ceremony  and Players night and live music.

Transfers from KLAGENFURT (KÄRNTEN) Airport only between the 2 official player hotels Hotel Mori and Hotel Silvia

Shuttles only between the 2 official player hotels  Hotel Mori and Hotel Silvia and the golf course

10. Accomodation Info:

package in the official player hotels:

Hotel Mori  http://www.hotel-mori.at/

   Mail: office@hotel-mori.at  

   Phone: +43  4239  2800

Hotel Silvia  https://www.silvia.co.at/index.php/de/

    Mail: office@silvia.co.at

    Phone: +43 4239 2493

12.9.2018 – 16. 9.2018  € 63,00 per Person/Night Double Room including breakfast, € 402,00 (exl. Local tax)  for 4 nights (€ 150,00 Entry fee included)
Additional costs for an extra bed in a double room 50% of the normal room rate

Accompanying person package € 100,- :

11. Competition committee

Golfpark Klopeinersee Südkärnten and Global Junior Golf. The members of the committee will be announced before the start of competition.

12. Starting times

Starting time will be announced no later that at 10:00 (GMT) on Thursday 13th of September. On the internet and the noticeboard at the clubhouse.

13. Dress code:

Shirts with collar / No jeans

14. Behavior:

Rude unsportsmanlike conduct or improper behaviour in general, including the use of alcahol and drugs, will not be tolerated and will jeopardize further participation at the tournament.

15. Subject to change:

The competition committee reserves the right to alter starting times and amend the reuglations if necessary. Decisions of the committee will be final (subject to alterations without notice).         

For further info contact Tournament Director: RUDOLF, ERICH
mobil  +43 - 650- 2871100.

Also PGA HP Adriano Bernadi  mobil +43 - 0660- 2862226  

For further info on practice round  teetime booking : Office Klopein  tel +43- 4239 – 3800 or office@golfklopein.at

16. Travelling to Golfpark Klopeinersee Südkärnten

International players arriving at Klagenfurt Airport, Kärnten, Austria.

Shuttles to the official players hotels are provided at designated times. Please contact tournament director  Rudolf, Erich

Other accomodations: You have to ask directly for offers


There is no shuttle organized from the Golfcourse. You have to ask directly at the accomodations.


Hotel & Spa Sonne****

sonne @sonne.info


Hotelresort Klopeinersee****



Hotel Amerika-Holzer****



Promenaden Strandhotel Marolt ****



Ferienwohnungen Kristan



Strandhotel Klopeiner See ****



Aktivhotel Marko ****